Dying to share your experiences to the whole world! Become a guest blogger and let the world know your thoughts. We are looking for that original, stand-out, thought provoking content that maybe backed up with real life stories.

If you have had an inspiring career change story from a Corporate to a Charity, why not share with all?

Did you know that about 4 in 5 people are dissatisfied with their current jobs and yet, only 2 in 3 dissatisfied people decide to change job? If you are one of those who enjoy your Charity job why not let the world know of why you are the fortunate one.

A lot of people take a change from corporate or other industry sectors to charity to look for job-stability, better work-life balance or an innate sense to help the community. The pay-check in Charities are often comparable to similar jobs in other sectors. If you have had one inspiring story to narrate, we hand over the Mic for you to broadcast to the world.

Do you want to speak about a charity and its good work or how it has touched your or a near one’s life?

Whether you were a volunteer or a paid worker for a Charity or a beneficiary of a Charity’s great work and you have a story or a lifetime experience to share then why not let everyone else benefit and relate to it.

What does our audience look like:

  • People working in Charities across the world
  • People working across other industry sectors and looking to transition to a Charity career
  • People who look to change jobs in their skill-set.
  • People with a range of experience levels from University graduates looking for internships to industry veterans looking for next career leap
  • People looking for volunteering positions
  • People looking for inspirational stories from others who understand the Charity workplace or work for Charity.

Every published article will be credited with a short bio and photo. It will help to promote you and your writing.

If you’re raring to take a plunge, then quickly pen down your thoughts and send the article to us at hello@charityappointments.com with a personal info & photo.

We look forward to hear from you!